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Benefits of HGH

When it comes to Somatropine, it is not an alternative to steroids or other hormones. However, it is one of the most desirable products in the market. It is an injectable substance and provides these benefits-

  1. New muscle formation
  2. Joint strengthening
  3. Fat loss
  4. Better skin appearance

All these things make it a much-needed product for bodybuilders and athletes. Individuals with similar goals must start using it.

Dosage of Somatropine 100IU

Depending on the condition of the patients, the dosage could be changed. According to the experts, it is recommended to use up to 1 – 2 IU per day. If there is no significant improvement in the patients’ condition, it can be increased under the supervision of physicians.

Suppose you want it for muscle-building effects, you have to use it at least 4 IU per day. For effective results, it must be divided into 2 – 3 injections. It provides stability. As you know that users can get benefited from fat loss, you have to consume in the range of 2 – 6 IU per day.

Remember that you must store the product in cool temperatures. It keeps the ingredient active and helps you in acquiring the desired result.

Some Important Tips

Assuming that you have started using the said product for building muscles! No doubt, it will help you in improving your body composition but takes a little extra time than steroids. If you want to get the desired result within a quick time, you must stack it with a mild effective anabolic steroid. With this approach, you gain the benefits of using HGH as well as take advantage of steroids to enhance your physical appearance and performance.

According to the reports, some individuals exceed the dosage of Somatropine up to 10IU without stacking it with any steroid in order to enhance the effectiveness. In the beginning, it can provide you with a positive response but later on, it will cause negative impact on the body. If you want to stay protected and maintain your fitness level, there is no need to exceed the dosage. You must take a step to add a steroid along with Somatropine and get the desired result. The best thing is that it also helps in maintaining muscular visibility.

Usually, steroids must be continued for at least 4 – 6 weeks and then follow the post cycle therapy. Considering the HGH hormone, it should be used for at least a few months to complete the cycle. Remember that shorter cycle can reduce the muscular visibility. So, it is better to get going with more than one-month HGH cycle. Also, you must follow the recommended dosage in the entire duration of its use to achieve what you have desired of.


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